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Take a gentle walk after consumption

According to Ayurveda, a holistic way of living, Rheumatoid arthritis, a chronic degenerative disease affecting the cartilages of joints can be managed by a good diet and lifestyle.All rheumatic disorders are classified as Vata disorders in Ayurveda. Dairy products, sweets, oily foods, junk and fast foods, salty and sour foods, jaggery, black gram, fish, cold drinks and ice creams are to be avoided. Medicines Guggulu is the most effective drug in treating Amavata . Ayurvedic treatment, a holistic approach for Rheumatoid Arthritis has been designed identifying the fact that the power of mind can overcome any physical aberrations., Take care to consume only freshly cooked warm food and take hot soups of lentils, pulses and meat with ginger, black pepper and long pepper powdered sprinkled to it.

  Swedana: This is done by application of steam on the affected parts. Rheumatoid arthritis which is described as Amavata in Ayurveda is a joint disorder which affects multiple joints a various sites. It is helpful in chronic cases. Also follow some basic rules of not eating wrong combination of foods, eat only up to your limit, Strictly follow the timings of your eating and do not eat in between the meals. Take a gentle walk after consumption of food.

  Panchakarma Therapy This is purification process by which toxins are eliminated from the body

  Snehana: Internal and external oleation to the body / affected parts is given as a preliminary process. Cereals etc. Life style One should avoid cold breeze and excessive wind.

  Suggested diet and life style to treat Rheumatoid arthritis are :

  Do mild weight bearing exercises regularly as they improve bone density. It is essential to include a moderate amount of ghee and oil in diet as it lubricates the joints.

  Along with treatment, physiotherapy, organized lifestyle, vegetarianism, suitable physical exercises, yoga and meditation should be practiced.. Ama means toxic which is produced in the body due to weakening of digestive fire Jataragni. Walking a little distance may help.

  Vasti:This is done by administration of herbal enema. Avoid taking food that are sour, spicy, deed fried, oily, pungent, acid, dark poultry, refined sugar, femented food and also lessen the intake of salts. When certain yogasanas are done with rythming breathing techniques they increase the tissue building and improves the strengthening and stretching of the muscles around the points. Also the bowel is cleansed, which results in absorption and assimilation of the medicinal preparations properly. Drink milk regularly as it has vitamin D content in it. It stops future deterioration of the joints and helps to rejunevate the damaged joints by normalizing the vitiated doshas. Avoid alcohols, cigarettes, carbonated beverages. Not to climb stairs or bend or squat.



Evidence suggests that

Diet Vegetarian food to be consumed. Also herbal preparations of Ashwagandha, Haritaki, Rasna, Sunthi, Pippai and Trivrut are helpful. When Pitta also gets aggravated, it causes burning sensation around the joints. Warm water bath is recommended.

  Pregnancy- Regular exercise can play an important role in the health and well being of pregnant women.

  Diabetes- Clearance from their doctor is needed. Primary concerns with individuals with osteoporosis are avoiding fractures, and preventing falls is essential to the goal. Thus these individuals fitness beginnings must be initiated both with physician approval and input.

  Cancer- Evidence suggests that physical activity can improve various quality of life parameters, including fatigue and depression, both during and after treatment. Blood sugar should be checked more often- before and after work-outs. Sometimes the risk-benefit ratio may be higher and close medical supervision may be required. Different exercises for postural deviations and other conditions can also be recommended.

  Arthritis and Other Rheumatic Diseases- Regular exercise can reduce joint pain and stiffness and increase flexibility, muscle strength, cardiac fitness and endurance in individuals with arthritis. Physician must approve and constantly be updated, due to the complexities of treatment, (short term-long term) and side effects from treatment Mitigating factors may make exercise unwise or dangerous for some. This group stands to benefit from starting slow and increasing intensity as improvements are made. They must be taught the warning signs of acute cardiac events such as chest pain, unreasonable shortness of breath, and tingling in jaw or left hand. 30 minutes or more of moderate exercise is recommended on most if not all days for women if they have not experienced any complications during their pregnancy. Starting slow is essential for patients with CVD.

  Resistance training consideration- A preliminary orientation should establish appropriate weight loads and instruct the participant on proper lifting patterns to avoid straining and the Val Salva maneuver. Low intensity exercises are recommended due to the high prevalence of functional limitations. When working with anyone who has any sort of Chronic Lung Disease, be sure to have plenty or rescue medication near. This includes frail individuals or those who are prone to fall, and those who have fractures. Non-weight bearing exercises are recommended because many diabetics are at risk for foot ulcerations, peripheral vascular disease and others. Physical Therapist and occupational therapist can recommend exercises that are helpful for particular types of arthritis. 3 different type's exercises that are often cited for people with arthritis are ROM exercise, resistance training and aerobic exercise. Glucose related medication requirements are likely to change with participation in an exercise program.



Physician approval should be

 Elderly individuals- Special considerations must be made for the elderly since they experience a number of decreased abilities as they increase in age. Most elderly they need an extended building up period when beginning a new exercise program. Avoid activities that require spinning of the spine or that are high-impact, and bending from the waist down. Anemia, immune compromised conditions, low platelet count, severe nausea, balance issues, fever, and bone pain. However, it is also well known that an acute bout of exercise particularly in sedentary individuals can precipitate a cardiac event in those with preexisting CVD.

  Chronic Lung Disease- is a general term used to describe long-term illnesses of respiratory system, including asthma, chronic bronchitis, and emphysema.

  Osteoporosis- Physician approval should be obtained before prescribing a exercise routine.

  Catch up phase- Thought very little research supports, Low-to moderate-risk cardiac patients who wish to initiate mild to moderate resistance training should first participate in a traditional aerobic exercise program for a minimum of 2-4 weeks.

  . Women are encouraged to start an exercise program, but to start slowly being sure not to over exert themselves.Here are some medical conditions that may complicate general exercise prescriptions.

  Cardiovascular Disease- It is well known that regular exercise has powerful benefits for both preventing and treating CVD. This is particularly true for individuals with asthma. Women who exercise during pregnancy have reduced weight gain, more rapid weight loss after pregnancy, improved mood and improved sleep patterns, but it should only be done with a physician's knowledge



Instead of walking simply

  Strokes take a toll on a familys mental health, too.S. Sexual dysfunction and bladder or bowel incontinence also affects many patients. Because only about 53 percent of survivors are able to return to work, income is usually greatly reduced. An ultrasound scan of the carotid arteries by a skilled sonographer is painless and is the best predictor of stroke and heart disease. Weakened lip and tongue muscles also can cause unclear speech. Many also have difficulty understanding language subtleties, such as sarcasm or humor and may be unable to keep up during fast paced conversations.7 billion dollars, or around $140,000 per patient.

  Victims may be unable to stay on topic and often display inappropriate responses or actions, being overemotional or flat in their speech. Also, because family members are usually the primary caregivers after a patient is discharged from the hospital or nursing home, many are unable to continue working themselves, due to the hours needed for feeding, bathing, attending to personal hygiene, and offering emotional support to their loved one. Are you at risk? Get screened and you will know what measures you may need to take. The direct expenses, such as money for hospital stays, physicians, nursing homes, rehabilitation, medication, and therapy may be very high. In addition, the indirect costs, such as loss of productivity, add up quickly. Below are five ways a stroke can make your life harder. Weakness or paralysis often makes working, eating, bathing, tying shoes, and dressing without assistance extremely difficult, if not impossible

  Instead of walking simply on a flat surface, MBT uses a multilayered sole to simulate how our ancestors naturally walked. There has simply never been a better way to take your workout with you where ever you need to go. Muscle groups that are strengthened and toned include those found in the feet, legs, buttocks, thigh, stomach and back. Upon each step, a rolling movement is naturally created. MBTs footwear is different from a normal shoe. The way the muscles respond from the MBT footwear increases shock absorption for joints and discs, which greatly lowers the chance of any injuries, and lessens stress put on the body from running.

  The balancing effects of MBT can be initially described as a similar feeling to balancing a ball under the foot. With every step, MBT shoes improve your health and fitness levels!

  The entire body is strengthened simply by standing, walking, or light jogging when using MBT shoes. The natural pull-through of the step continues throughout the whole body, and a natural posture and gait are easily achieved. In fact, it is so different that they refuse to call it a shoe. While the footwear should not be worn during most athletic events and exercises, normal wear of the footwear improves the muscles in ways that can benefit athlete especially. As their many models and designs indicate, you can wear MBT shoes for just about any occasion, from taking care of household chores to running errands to working out at the end of the day to going out for dinner in the evening.

  This muscle training from the Masai Barefoot Technology is ideal to help runners and athletes better themselves and their performance. A simple change from shoe to footwear can greatly benefit the health of your entire body, with positive lasting effects. Some doctors are even prescribing MBTs to enhance health and fitness levels, as well as for specific conditions, such as ankle instability or hip disorders.

  Scientific research has proven that more calories are burned just by standing when wearing MBT footwear than when wearing other shoes.

  The Masai Barefoot Technology works by causing you to balance and center properly while working.



To get to most places

The best thing about MBT shoes is their versatility. Whats even better is how discreet they are. This also leads to relaxation of tight muscles, and the lessening of back and joint problems.

  Masai Barefoot Technology footwear is available for both men and women in a variety of different styles to best fit your own personality and lifestyle choices. MBT shoes differ from traditional models because of their fundamental design, as they have a curved sole, are purposely unstable, activate muscles, and affect the entire body instead of simply the feet alone. The calf muscles begin to stretch, the body is straightened, and foot begins to regain balance. Instead of wearing generic bland shoes, choose a footwear option that improves your fitness levels and posture easily while you go about your day to day actions.Masai Barefoot Technology or MBT is a smart new type of footwear that not only looks stylish, but positively benefits your health as well. Women may be accustomed to this feeling, as a tennis ball under the foot is often used to help train the foot to balance in tall heels. This challenges the sole, as opposed to simply cushioning, and trains muscles to be more active and keep firm posture. This increased activity also helps to reduce cosmetic conditions, such as cellulite and varicose veins. Correct posture strengthens the back and joints, aids in an increase of oxygen to the body, and betters both breathing and circulation.

 For women, there are options of ranging from leather sneakers for casual wear, athletic sneakers in a variety of colors including pink, and sandals. Whether you want something to wear to work, or around town, there is the perfect option available for you. For men, there are leather, or dressier models, and athletic sneakers, leather loafers, leather dress shoes, leather boots, and sandals. Your friends and coworkers will never guess that youre walking more effectively than them. Muscle activity and circulation is also increased, which bolsters the health of your lower body. There are also both casual and formal clogs, as well as a variety of boots.

  To get to most places, wearing shoes are necessary. MBT shoes can be described as a fitness aid that increases the use of muscles, joints, and spine while helping to develop a proper posture and walking pattern. Choose a footwear option that transforms the health and look of your body with no additional work from you!

  MBT footwear strengthens and tones muscles commonly used while walking



These are only a few herb

  Horse chestnut supports the vessels of our circulatory system and helps strengthen capillary cells and reduce fluid breakage. It also helps in the treatments of phlebitis, varicosity and haemorrhoids. Most herbs have healing properties. There is a herb out there for pretty much every condition.

  These are only a few herbs and their properties.

  This herb has healing, antioxidant and anti-microbial properties. It is imperative you know your herbs. Its very useful for kidney and urinary problems and water retention. These are the low-growing aromatic plants which are used fresh or dried for seasoning, for their medicinal properties, or in perfumes. So, they should be taken on the advice of an herbal practitioner. It is believed to be an excellent antioxidant to prevent wrinkles. In addition, it cleans out the kidneys and stimulates the thyroid and pituitary gland to produce growth hormones. People with bleeding disorders should not use garlic.

  Parsley (Petroselinum) is one of the best known, diuretic and most nutritious herbs which contain large quantities of vitamins A, B, C and minerals calcium, iron, phosphorous, potassium and magnesium.

  Milk thistle has some active substances that helps maintain healthy liver function by protecting the liver from damage caused by viruses, toxins and alcohol. The excess of garlic can cause upset stomach/flatulence, occupational asthma, postoperative bleeding, bloating, bad breath, body odor, and skin irritation. It helps prevent both heart disease and cancer by helping prevent vascular blood clotting and reducing cholesterol. Its usefulness can be judged by the saying: if parsley is thrown into fishponds it will heal the sick fishes therein. It possesses antimicrobial properties that support immune-system health and protects against digestive and respiratory infections. It should not be taken in pregnancy and while nursing.Herbs are the culinary and medicinal plants.

  Super kelp (also known as Sea kelp and Sea wrack) is a sea herb that is one of the best sources of natural iodine and trace elements.

  Green tea extracts are one of the natures most powerful anti-oxidants. The excess of green tea extracts may cause irritability, insomnia, heart palpitation, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, headaches, and loss of appetite. Herbs are very useful in strengthening the body and in treating the diseases. It is used to treat a mildly upset stomach, bronchitis, nervous tension, insect bites, rheumatism, earache, toothaches and even athlete's foot. However they contain active substances that can trigger side effects and interact with other herbs, supplements, or medications. It is also used as the principle agent in cures for obesity. There are a wide variety of herbs such as super kelp, garlic, parsley, green tea extract, horse chestnut, milk thistle and oregano oil. Taking excess of milk thistle may cause stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, headache, rash or other skin reactions, joint pain, impotence, and anaphylaxis. This herb is anti-fungal and anti-oxidant agent and can help lower cholesterol. It is also useful in relieve bloating, gas, urinary tract problems, rheumatoid arthritis, swollen glands, and lack of perspiration



Even with eyes in back of

I like support up to my head so I just pile the sand higher till it fits me and then pat lightly. A mesh bag is a great idea to carry all these types of items. Kids tend to take the path of least resistance and are probably wondering around downwind from you, wondering where you are.

  Even with eyes in back of your head, toddlers can get lost. Fun in the sun should be FUN, not an exercise workout before you even get there. A big beach umbrella or beach tent also offers added protection. Try the fill-flash setting to minimize shadows on a super sunny day. Applying at home also lets you rub it thoroughly into your skin without rubbing sand all over yourself or the kids. Seriously now, use common sense and obey the lifeguards.

  Lastly, when you get home from your wonderful beach outing, be sure to shake your towels and toys outside to remove most of the sand before you bring it indoors with you.. Take the lip balms and nose ointment with you, they're smaller and pack easier anyway. Waterproof or sports sunscreens can last over 8 hours and if you take advantage of this little tip that's one more item you can leave at home or in the hotel room.

  Plan on taking at least one towel per person, plus extras.First thing you do is pack for the beach, right? Packing for the beach can be exhausting but if you know how to only take the things you really need it gets easier, and lighter to carry. Remember the first aid kit or at least a couple of band-aids and antibiotic cream. I recommend purchasing a waterproof disposable or even an underwater model! On sunny days it's hard to get a good face shot. Leave the electronics at home but a cheap radio won't be a great loss if sand gets in it. For severe burns with blisters or a bad jellyfish sting, consult a doctor, especially if vomiting, joint pain, or shortness of breath occurs.

  If you get stung with a jellyfish wash the area with seawater and then apply vinegar. Now that you are beach savvy go have your fun in the sun!



You will want a brimmed hat

 Chairs & blankets can be bulky to carry so I devised my own sand chair. If a toddler gets lost at the beach, follow the wind.. Always try to be in sight of a lifeguard. For a moderate sunburn try using aspirin and over the counter remedies, or an oatmeal bath. Besides keeping some sun off their face, hats can be little beacons for you to spot them easier. Your distinctive umbrella can act as a landmark to locate your spot after playing in the water, especially when the wave action moves you up the beach. Line your 'chair' with your beach towel or thin blanket and dig your feet into the bare sand. As the sun moves on you, redesign your 'chair' to move with it! It's a good idea to smooth the sand out when you leave so nobody falls into any holes later.

  You will want a brimmed hat and an extra t-shirt or cover-up that protects your shoulders and back. Never swim near piers or pilings. Plus, if you notice the directions, most say to apply at least a half hour before exposure. Two thirds of catastrophic neck injuries occur in open water. They can also make a cover-up for sleeping toddlers if you don't have an umbrella.

  To dig that hole you want a sand shovel! You might want several toys for the sand & water, including a sieve for screening out castle decorations. A fresh slice of papaya directly on the sting also helps. If you get caught in a rip tide, swim parallel to the shore for several strokes and you will probably be out of it, or float on your back and wave to attract the lifeguards attention. If you get a mild sunburn, cool compresses with a 50/50 mix of milk and water takes the sting out.

  Your digital camera is going to get sandy. Take a small pack of tissues, plenty of water to drink and your favorite snacks or light food. On overcast days the face shots actually turn out better!

  Swimming in the ocean is a real blast when you have a little know- how. Adjust accordingly depending on your apparel and the weather. Use a SPF 15 or greater, babies and kids need SPF 30 or more. Also, don't dive in at first unless you know the depth. Remember to take a plastic jar or extra plastic bag for those seashells you find too. Plus you want to be safe and have an enjoyable outing

  I like to apply sunscreen before I even leave for the beach. Always swim with a buddy. that way, if a shark attacks you, you can give him your buddy. This is so easy to make! Just dig a hole for your bum and make the 'back' to your liking. This is where a brightly colored hat with a brim could come in handy. Things tend to get wet and sandy so have an extra towel or two or three, just in case




Take a seven nights booking

  If you are really up for some adventure and want to see some game get to Mombasa and on the forth day take on a one night drive up Shimba rain forest, overnight at one of the value game lodges and experience the wildlife and some good food away from the lobster they insist on the menu in the menu.

  Most family vacation seekers find it tough to decide the next vacation whist in Kenya, unlike in Europe where its either a cruise ship or back packing in Greece; you are spoilt for choices in Kenya.

  . Take a seven nights booking at Kizingo Lodge and you will be happy you read this print. Oh! Dont come alone. They offer you a self-catering option complete with a gas cooker, a fridge, a microwave and curtly, just bring in the groceries. No one knows why and I dont understand either. Here are some accommodation options to make it easier for your next planning.

  So, if you are the active type you will enjoy the first two nights in Lamu.

  Mombasas Diani beach is haven for most, the laze culture due to the humid condition - I think, makes it a perfect destination. The Lazymograph has registered readings as low as -80 compared to readings for Miami at 510.

  Last season as we sat in my office with a regular couple accompanied by their two teenage children whom after a thirty minutes presentation that covered the game reserves and beach resorts they ended up not taking up any of the holiday packages on offer.

  If you are a budget traveler, the beach cottages which are ever in very high demand are very good value.

  Some three nights at the coast is very good value if you chose the right beach accommodation joint. At Diani or Tiwi beach Capricho and Maweni beach cottages top of the list. The older folks are happy in their sun bathing suits.



Acupuncture is the insertion of

They say life in Lamu is ten times slower than the Caribbean.There is no clear cut decision on whether to head straight to a beach resort in Kenya or stay on at a wildlife resort somewhere in one of the game reserves for those seeking a short getaway. You will be happy you did not bring your laptop. If you have been on a safari in Kenya, which most likely you have, then dont just spent your all six days on a hammock somewhere south of Mombasa, try Lamu islands or go on and see what they got to offer off the coast on Zanzibar. You will be happy to have ended up in Laikipia as there is plenty for the active type. Here is my advice

  It is still important to visit your regular MD for annual appointments and other problems that arise. However, next time you have a nagging problem that just won t go away, give your local licensed Naturopathic Doctor a try and heal yourself naturally. Naturopathic physicians use plant substances for their healing effects and nutritional value.

  Clinical Nutrition examines the relationship between diet and health.

  Homeopathic Medicine is based on Law of Similar, Like Cures Like, dilute preparations of plant, mineral or animal substances are used to stimulate the body to heal itself.

  The primary goal of naturopathic treatment is to address the cause of illness, rather than simply eliminate or suppress symptoms.

  Acupuncture is the insertion of very fine needles on the body s surface, used to influence physiological functioning of the body. It also increases collagen production, which will fill out the lines and give firmness to the skin producing a healthy, glowing complexion. Treatments are individualized according to each patient and based on both traditional therapies and the latest medical knowledge.

  Cosmetic Acupuncture, is a non surgical face lift that has been shown to be effective in reducing the signs of aging. Naturopathic Doctors make recommendations to optimize the physical, mental and emotional environment of the individual. Some applications include heat/cold, light, ultraviolet and infrared, electrical pulsation, hydrotherapy, traction, massage and exercise.


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