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For these benefits to last

The end offshoot is that your body's detoxification organs start behaving better intelligently and efficiently, self-cleansing and detoxifying your body regularly on a day-to-day basis. Consult a specialist to check which detoxification method meets your body requirements the tops. All these therapies generate favorable conditions in the body for the cells to heal and rebuild. And then there are internal toxins generated due to stress and negativity that go hand in hand with our ever-increasing swift paced life. The detoxification systems can range from headaches, fatigue, and sore muscles to skin eruptions, but that is really a minimal price to pay for all your past indulgences and have your body completely overhauled. And spend some time in contemplation and meditation to detoxify your mind from negative thoughts as well.

For these benefits to last permanently follow up with a nutritious diet based on whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, disease-free oils, and plenty of water.

To make matters worse, low nutrition junk food has replaced wholesome freshly cooked meals and sensible exertion has been reduced to a minimum. The by-product of all this body abuse is accumulation of toxins, which initially may begin as unmistakable headaches, joint pains, or bloating, but can eventually lead to resolute debilitating diseases like muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, obesity, colon cancer, and greater.

When you are on a detoxification program, during the basic initial days you may experience slight discomfort due to (a) sudden withdrawal from stimulating and rich foods your body is used to and (b) mobilization of accumulated toxins in your body towards excretory organs.

Today, you have the option of choosing one of the countless commercially handy detoxification programs and products - based on peculiar approaches to body cleansing - according to the state of your conventional health and individual body requirements.

Some detoxification treatments are preferable taken at a natural health spa, while others can be taken at home.

Although nature has equipped our body with self-cleaning mechanisms, exposure to a myriad of toxin-generating influences in modern-age life - whether from the polluted air we breathe or from the chemical-laden food we ingest or from countless other sources - weakens our immune system, making the body incapable of self-detoxification. The various detoxification and body cleansing products are accessible online or in natural health stores or spas



On a positive side stocks

 xxxs have been working themselves out of oversold territory and now it is crunch time. General Motors announced a $15.5 times the net worth of the company.

  It was a week of dire earnings figures with UK banks posting huge year on year profit reductions.

  On a positive side stocks soared on Tuesday and Wednesday, as oil fell further towards $120 on speculation that a slowing global economy will check demand. With UK politicians discussing plans to help out mortgage lenders, they would be well served to use the US housing xafs as an advanced proxy of what could happen in the UK. Although the jobs report was the Friday's big story, GMs earnings announcements was a big drag on US and by consequence, UK indices. It was to be further bad news for hedge funds, who recently endured their worse month for many years, as the leveraged oil trades unwound with falling prices.7%, which was 0. The US unemployment rate increased to 5. However, on close inspection, the figures still make grim reading. In the US, Merrill Lynch was punished heavily for releasing details of a write down announcement less than a fortnight after their earnings figures. On Tuesday morning we have UK manufacturing data and services PMI, followed by US ISM non-manufacturing composite early in the afternoon.5 billion loss, which when you consider GM has a xafs cap of just $6.

  Next week is unlikely to bring an end to the recent volatility with some major top tier economic announcements due.3 billion, the loss equates to around 2. The S&P/Case-Schiller Index shows annual declines in prices of existing single family homes of 15. Although a no change is largely expected, as ever it is expectations for the future that will excite. It wasnt just the banks feeling the pinch, British Airways reported an 88% slump in profits and BT saw its shares fall to their lowest level for five years. The Dow swung over 450 points from high to low and the FTSE 200 points, yet both xafss closed virtually flat for the week.

  Elsewhere the US house price collapse continues to accelerate.

  .1% above expectations, and since December 2007 463,000 jobs have been lost. Lloyds TSBs pre tax profits fell 70% while HBOS saw returns drop by an almost identical figure. The headline results were impressive, but a significant proportion of those profits come from their Russian joint venture, which looks like it will be torn apart over the coming months. The recovery since the lows of July, could be the bulls last rally for the short term, unless any gains can actually be held over the next week or so.As another volatile trading week draws to a close, it is interesting to note that almost no major stock xafs made any traction in either direction over the last 5 trading days. A double touch trade on the FTSE 100 predicting that the 5450 and 5100 levels will be hit over the next 51 days could return 140%.



A simple answer to

 Next week has the potential to be another volatile week says BetOnxxxs financial analysts, especially with so many top tier economic announcements due. A double touch trade returns a profit if both pre determined levels are touched within the time frame specified.

  Initial reactions to Fridays US Nonfarm payrolls were positive as the headline figures fell less than expected. It is Europes turn on Thursday, with the release of the MPC and ECB statements. Both are again expected to be no change, but the statements and overall timbre will be analysed and re-analysed with regard to future expectations.8%. What has been impressive about the last two or three weeks is the bulls ability to rally xafss in the face of dark news flows. On Tuesday evening, we have the big one, the US interest statement. Now the rally has stalled, there may not be enough momentum left to withstand further bleak economic headlines

  A simple answer to the question is to have a massage as often as you can afford the time and the money. With our hectic lifestyles, making massage a regular part of your health maintenance routine should no longer considered a luxury but a necessity. Regular massage can begin to address the problem in a holistic manner (not just treating the source of the pain) leading to lower pain coupled with greater mobility and flexibility.Over recent times, therapeutic massage has become a much more accepted treatment for a large number of conditions. Highly stressed people have more sickness than those do with lower stress in their lives. When combined with good diet, sufficient exercise and good sleep habits, then massage facilitates the body in maintaining this homeostasis so that you feel fit, healthy and fantastic.

  Scientific research is beginning to support many of the claims regarding the benefits of massage and some of these listed below.

  This is not intended to be a definitive list of the benefits of regular massage, merely an attempt to point out some of those that are likely to impact on the majority of the general population.

  Research indicates that there is correlation between stress levels and general health.

If you are in good health then monthly massages can assist in maintaining general health whereas more frequent trips to your therapist may be more appropriate at other times in your life.



There is no correct answer to

Your body attempts to maintain optimum health and homeostasis by keeping its systems in balance. Regular massages support the normal operation and homeostasis of the lymphatic system (particularly in sedentary individuals). After a while muscles that were not affected start to compensate for postural abnormalities elsewhere in the body. For example, hip pain will lead to a favouring of one side of the body with corresponding compensation around the neck and shoulders, potentially resulting in headaches. Long term internal stress patterns can be unlocked through the mechanical manipulation and lengthening of the soft tissue.

  There is no correct answer to this question and it can vary significantly depending upon what is going on with your body, injuries/ailments, lifestyle and stress levels. Research is indicating that massage can lower blood pressure, provide a boost to the immune system, reduce the impact of some hormones which can be released during stressful times and increase the levels of mood lifting chemicals such as serotonin.

  Decreased muscle and joint pain/Improved Posture

  Massage frees muscles, connective tissue and other soft tissue of restrictions in the form of knots, trigger points, adhesions.

  Injuries and tight muscles can significantly impact on an individuals posture.

  Regular massage reduces stress levels, promotes better sleep quality and increases the production of endorphin.

  Regular massage can assist all athletes recover from strenuous training and prepare for competition by increasing blood flow to muscles along with improving the functionality through lengthening of the muscles. Any manipulation of the muscles (in particular on the limbs) can facilitate drainage of the lymphatic system. However, just like exercise, massage is generally more beneficial if it is undertaken regularly.

  Studies have indicated that regular massage can reduce the blood pressure levels of those suffering from high blood pressure. These provide an individual with a natural sense of wellness and regular treatments allow the body/mind to go from sympathetic activity to parasympathetic activity, as the mind slows down and relaxes. In addition to the stress reducing benefits of regular massage, studies have indicated that massage can increase the natural capability of the bodies own killer cells, the cryotoxic ability. Some people prefer to visit their therapist when injured or suffering in pain with, for example, headaches



It comes in two shades

Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission. With spring finally upon us—and the deadline for spring-cleaning steadily approaching—it only makes sense to clean out that dopp kit of yours too, which is, by this point, likely full of nearly empty, rich creams made for cold weather and dry skin.

 This spring, clean out that toiletry case (or bathroom shelf up) and restock with this season’s most innovative, luxurious, and utilitarian products. The beauty industry has never been more innovative, thanks in large part to the cutting-edge techniques and formulations coming out of places like South Korea and Scandinavia. (Interested in Scandinavian beauty? Read here.) Masks of any kind—more on that, here— have never been more popular. Natural beauty is becoming more, well, natural, and there have been implementations to regulate the many dubious ingredients that lie in many of our most beloved products. People want to know what’s going on their faces, into their lips, and which ingredient in mascara is making their eyes red and itchy. Beauty aficionados around the world are become not only more obsessed, but more informed about the many new products we find ourselves intrigued by each day.

 These days, every beauty brand—from little to larger-than-life—is trying to keep up with the latest, seemingly never endless trends in beauty. What’s hot this season? We’ve got 3D brow palettes (and semi-permanent tinted brow gel), oil-based lip tints (in mini cocktail shakers, nonetheless), eye tapping devices, and even essence for your hair. Masks, serums, and moisturizers continue to rule the skincare world, so don’t worry—we’ve got a few game-changing formulas of the classics, too. Scroll on for our ultimate round up of the must-have beauty products this spring (and for all the men reading this, we've even got a few for you). 1 of 40 Juicy Tubes, meet your match. Lancome’s latest innovation, which comes in a mini cocktail shaker that you, well, shake—provides a long lasting, but extremely hydrating, tint to your lips. $21; Sephora. Advertisement 2 of 40 Legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath broke the Internet when her Skin Fetish 003 highlighting kit launched on April 26—and sold out almost immediately (twice).

 It comes in two shades: golden, and nude, so take your pick (or, if you're like us, take both). But beauty junkies, have no fear: you can get still get the kit at Sephora.com starting May 10th. $72; PatMcGrath.com 3 of 40 This TSA-compliant bottle of shave oil took over two years to develop and features two antioxidant plants indigenous to Costa Rica, fierrillo vine and juanilama herb, that help repair and restore skin, as well as soothe irritations.



This one features every hue

Perfect for both men and women. $12.99; ThriveCare.co Advertisement 4 of 40 Headed out for a long day of sightseeing? Spritz yourself with this all-natural hydrating mist that both sets makeup and refreshes skin. $44; Sephora.com Advertisement 5 of 40 Estee Lauder’s latest collection is full of products so fabulous, we couldn’t choose just one. Need some color on your legs before hitting the beach? Try the Geleé Bronzer. Once you’ve got that coveted glow, use their eye palette, specifically designed to compliment a bronzed skin tone, to create a warm smoky eye. Top the look off with their travel-friendly Lip & Cheek Summer Glow stick. From $32;

 EsteeLauder.com Advertisement 6 of 40 Gucci’s latest collection was inspired by the colorful flowers seen at their Spring/Summer ’16 show, and their lipsticks, with names like 'Lilac' epitomize the most beautiful flora of the season. We love 'Carnation,' due to its every-day appeal (it's also a great option when you're looking for the perfect nude tone to match with your nighttime smoky eye). $40; Saksfifthavenue.com Advertisement 7 of 40 Use the array of pastel shades in this palette on their own (for color correcting) or all together for a subtle, shimmering glow. $48; Yslbeautyus.com Advertisement 8 of 40 This ultra hydrating sheet mask is perfect for long flights, thanks to its unique hydrogel material, which retains moisture, and its infusion of Hydro-Ionized Mineral Water, which delivers six essential minerals into your skin. $24 for a pack of five; Target.com Advertisement 9 of 40 Embrace the Korean “eye-tapping” trend (trust us, they know what they’re doing) with this packable eye massager, which helps reduce eye puffiness, bags, dark circles, and more. $139; Sephora.com Advertisement 10 of 40 Leave it to Bobbi Brown to come up with the perfect eye palette for spring.

  This one features every hue you’ll need to take you from day to night, whether you’re headed to the beach, work, or even for a night out on the town. $50; Macys.com Advertisement 11 of 40 The launch of Glossier’s Phase 2 set, which includes their already cult-favorite Boy Brow, Generation G lipstick, and Stretch Concealer, did not disappoint their loyal fans around the world. Think of these three products as the only ones you’ll need to perfect the au-natural look this spring—and summer—no matter where you may find yourself in the world. $50; Glossier.com Advertisement 12 of 40 For those of you who aren’t aware—blush is back. This season, we’re loving Tom Ford’s creamy take on the classic, in a shade appropriately called ‘pink sand.’ Due to the texture, you could also tap this product onto lips for an understated pout, or on eyes for a subtle, matte look. $68; Nordstrom.com Advertisement 13 of 40 Perhaps the most luxurious Korean beauty brand out there, Amore Pacific has perfected the ‘cushion foundation’ technology that so many other brands have sought after doing. This formula includes SPF 25, so you don’t have to worry about putting sunscreen on before applying—and green tea polysaccharides, which are proven to protect skin from environmental toxins. Bonus: since this foundation’s not in liquid form, it’s the perfect option for mid or post-flight touch ups. $80; Nordstrom.com Advertisement 14 of 40 Whether you’re prepping for a beach vacation or coming back from a chilly trip to Iceland, Guerlain’s L’Eau Halee’s got you covered.



Its also an excellent fitness

  Most land exercises can be modified and re-created in water. But, dont judge the workout solely on how high your heart rate gets. Repeat sequence 4-6 times. Also, dont make the mistake of assuming you are well hydrated just because your body is submerged in water. Well, try some of the sample exercise below and youll probably quickly change your mind. But, when temperatures reach record highs and humidity levels soar, traditional outdoor workouts become less appealing. Do not attempt this move unless you have experience swimming in waves. Water exercises are the perfect way to workout under the sun without overheating.

  Its also an excellent fitness choice for all ages, from the very young to seniors. For example, parents can enjoy time at the pool with their children while also fitting in some of their weekly workout sessions. Experts equate the lower heart rate partially to the effect of immersion in a relatively cool environment. So how can you stay cool while still enjoying outdoor physical activity? One word water. One of the great things about working out in the water is that even fitness novices can easily perform many of the moves.With warm weather season now in full gear, exercisers want to take their workouts outside and breakout of their indoor fitness ruts.

  Water Jogging: Can be done with the use of flotation devices where your feet dont touch the ground or the traditional way of actually jogging in the water.

  Wave Jumps (for those with access to the ocean or a wave-simulator): Stand in knee-deep or less water. The water provides extra resistance and makes this move more challenging. Walk 1-2 laps in the pool. There are many other forms of pool exercises. So, keep this in mind when determining your target heart rate, which may be 10 beats per minute lower when in the water.

  Still not convinced that an aquatic workout will challenge your body as well as some of the more common workouts like walking or jogging. Return to start position and repeat. Each time a wave comes attempt to jump over it. And, the types of workouts are practically endless. Water exercise is a very good way to burn calories, improve your strength and flexibility, tone-up, improve your cardiovascular system, and just get more fit overall. You still need to drink about a cup of water about every 20 minutes of exercise. Aquatic workouts arent limited to just swimming. Bend your knees slightly as you push your hips back as if you are sitting on a chair. You dont even have to be a regular exerciser to try aquatic fitness. This does not imply that they arent working as hard.

  Water Squats: Stand in the water with feet about hip-width apart. Other benefits include: Plus, water workouts also provide a fun and more socially interactive exercise option.You can get a total body workout without even breaking a sweat! And dont worry if you arent a veteran swimmer.



People often ask the question

 Aquatic aerobic classes also provide a social, group-setting alternative. Note: this is a more advanced move that requires good balance and strong swimming skills. Keep in mind that swimmers generate a slightly lower heart rate when compared to cyclists and runners. Keep your knees behind your toesBulgaria has been in Europe since the end of 2006. From there it is just a matter of using your card at the cash point or in the shops. Even without knowing one word of the language, pensioners from the UK are making great friends and neighbours in villages and towns all over Bulgaria.These days, four or so years down the line, the locals are used to the British people, especially the shops and restaurants, where an English language menu is always to be found. That should give you a list of agents and consultants.

  Dont make any sudden moves though, choose your Bulgarian retirement home slowly, just drop a line to a Bulgarian property consultant, and let him call you, he will be more than happy to help you with your retirement in Bulgaria. Attracting friends and family for a free holiday once your are living in Bulgaria is not difficult!

  People often ask the question - what happens to my pension in Bulgaria? People retiring and moving to Bulgaria from the United Kingdom are able to have their pensions paid into their Bulgarian bank account. Joint pain sufferers are reporting major relief from the agony associated with the damp conditions in the United Kingdom. The extremely low cost of living is only bettered by how friendly and helpful the Bulgarian people are. People are naturally thinking about retiring somewhere warm with a low cost of living.

  The Elhovo area in the Yambol municipality of Bulgaria is proving to be a popular starting place with people, probably because of the television coverage initially, and then with the amount of British people buying in the Elhovo, things went on from there.Why retire to Bulgaria? Off plan or freehold retirement properties in Bulgaria are top of the agenda for potential retirees in the United kingdom, according to Paul Watchorn, featured on UK television recently.

  The reason is simple he says, after working for forty years, pensioners in the UK can look forward to ever increasing bills, low pension payments and bad weather. Why spend another year wondering if the weather will be nice enough for a walk in the country.



The only difference is how far

With its long warm summers, South Bulgaria is easy on the joints.

  Retirement in Bulgaria is just the same as the United Kingdom. Look at one of the Bulgarian property finder sites on Google or Yahoo to find out just how easily you could afford a life in the sun, without all the worries of good old blighty. In order to find the best Bulgarian property consultant, try searching Google for Bulgarian property finder. January 1st 2007 was the first official day that Bulgaria became part of Europe. Cheap flights to Bourgas, Sofia and Varner make it easy for family and friends to visit. You owe it to yourself to take a look.

 The only difference is how far you pension will stretch in places like Elhovo and Granitovo. Retirement in Bulgaria has never been easier, all the benefits of Europe that you have paid for over the years combined with a great standard of living. This really is a place to visit at least once, but you may not want to leave without buying your retirement home.

  When you first talk to the Bulgarian property consultant simply ask if the price of the property covers his fee. This is the way it should work buying a retirement home in Bulgaria, a nice, easy and painless transaction that you should enjoy as being all part of the experience. A warm retirement in Bulgaria and pain relief is not the only attraction for retirement in Bulgaria though, villages and towns in the area, such as Boyanovo, Elhovo, Razdel etc, are surrounded by beautiful scenery that needs to be seen to be appreciated, what with the favourable weather conditions, the wonderful Bulgarian countryside, and the low cost of living, it is little wonder that retirees are moving to Bulgaria wholesale. He will not ask you for fees up front if he is a professional Bulgarian consultant, and at the end of your buying process, you should not be landed with a consultancy bill.

  What about Bulgaria and Europe for pensioners, is also a question often asked.

  So what is the big attraction for retirement in Bulgaria? A very low cost of living is a major consideration, a loaf of real bread, not the cheap rubbish from your local superxafs, would cost you about twenty pence, a pint of beer would be about the same, and your council tax would be about five pounds per year, yes no mistake there, five pounds! The climate is favourable too, long warm summers and mild winters. There are also ex pat clubs in Elhovo, Yambol and Topolovgrad that meet for lunches and coffee at various times during the month


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