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You will want a brimmed hat

 Chairs & blankets can be bulky to carry so I devised my own sand chair. If a toddler gets lost at the beach, follow the wind.. Always try to be in sight of a lifeguard. For a moderate sunburn try using aspirin and over the counter remedies, or an oatmeal bath. Besides keeping some sun off their face, hats can be little beacons for you to spot them easier. Your distinctive umbrella can act as a landmark to locate your spot after playing in the water, especially when the wave action moves you up the beach. Line your 'chair' with your beach towel or thin blanket and dig your feet into the bare sand. As the sun moves on you, redesign your 'chair' to move with it! It's a good idea to smooth the sand out when you leave so nobody falls into any holes later.

  You will want a brimmed hat and an extra t-shirt or cover-up that protects your shoulders and back. Never swim near piers or pilings. Plus, if you notice the directions, most say to apply at least a half hour before exposure. Two thirds of catastrophic neck injuries occur in open water. They can also make a cover-up for sleeping toddlers if you don't have an umbrella.

  To dig that hole you want a sand shovel! You might want several toys for the sand & water, including a sieve for screening out castle decorations. A fresh slice of papaya directly on the sting also helps. If you get caught in a rip tide, swim parallel to the shore for several strokes and you will probably be out of it, or float on your back and wave to attract the lifeguards attention. If you get a mild sunburn, cool compresses with a 50/50 mix of milk and water takes the sting out.

  Your digital camera is going to get sandy. Take a small pack of tissues, plenty of water to drink and your favorite snacks or light food. On overcast days the face shots actually turn out better!

  Swimming in the ocean is a real blast when you have a little know- how. Adjust accordingly depending on your apparel and the weather. Use a SPF 15 or greater, babies and kids need SPF 30 or more. Also, don't dive in at first unless you know the depth. Remember to take a plastic jar or extra plastic bag for those seashells you find too. Plus you want to be safe and have an enjoyable outing

  I like to apply sunscreen before I even leave for the beach. Always swim with a buddy. that way, if a shark attacks you, you can give him your buddy. This is so easy to make! Just dig a hole for your bum and make the 'back' to your liking. This is where a brightly colored hat with a brim could come in handy. Things tend to get wet and sandy so have an extra towel or two or three, just in case

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