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I like support up to my head so I just pile the sand higher till it fits me and then pat lightly. A mesh bag is a great idea to carry all these types of items. Kids tend to take the path of least resistance and are probably wondering around downwind from you, wondering where you are.

  Even with eyes in back of your head, toddlers can get lost. Fun in the sun should be FUN, not an exercise workout before you even get there. A big beach umbrella or beach tent also offers added protection. Try the fill-flash setting to minimize shadows on a super sunny day. Applying at home also lets you rub it thoroughly into your skin without rubbing sand all over yourself or the kids. Seriously now, use common sense and obey the lifeguards.

  Lastly, when you get home from your wonderful beach outing, be sure to shake your towels and toys outside to remove most of the sand before you bring it indoors with you.. Take the lip balms and nose ointment with you, they're smaller and pack easier anyway. Waterproof or sports sunscreens can last over 8 hours and if you take advantage of this little tip that's one more item you can leave at home or in the hotel room.

  Plan on taking at least one towel per person, plus extras.First thing you do is pack for the beach, right? Packing for the beach can be exhausting but if you know how to only take the things you really need it gets easier, and lighter to carry. Remember the first aid kit or at least a couple of band-aids and antibiotic cream. I recommend purchasing a waterproof disposable or even an underwater model! On sunny days it's hard to get a good face shot. Leave the electronics at home but a cheap radio won't be a great loss if sand gets in it. For severe burns with blisters or a bad jellyfish sting, consult a doctor, especially if vomiting, joint pain, or shortness of breath occurs.

  If you get stung with a jellyfish wash the area with seawater and then apply vinegar. Now that you are beach savvy go have your fun in the sun!

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