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Instead of walking simply

  Strokes take a toll on a familys mental health, too.S. Sexual dysfunction and bladder or bowel incontinence also affects many patients. Because only about 53 percent of survivors are able to return to work, income is usually greatly reduced. An ultrasound scan of the carotid arteries by a skilled sonographer is painless and is the best predictor of stroke and heart disease. Weakened lip and tongue muscles also can cause unclear speech. Many also have difficulty understanding language subtleties, such as sarcasm or humor and may be unable to keep up during fast paced conversations.7 billion dollars, or around $140,000 per patient.

  Victims may be unable to stay on topic and often display inappropriate responses or actions, being overemotional or flat in their speech. Also, because family members are usually the primary caregivers after a patient is discharged from the hospital or nursing home, many are unable to continue working themselves, due to the hours needed for feeding, bathing, attending to personal hygiene, and offering emotional support to their loved one. Are you at risk? Get screened and you will know what measures you may need to take. The direct expenses, such as money for hospital stays, physicians, nursing homes, rehabilitation, medication, and therapy may be very high. In addition, the indirect costs, such as loss of productivity, add up quickly. Below are five ways a stroke can make your life harder. Weakness or paralysis often makes working, eating, bathing, tying shoes, and dressing without assistance extremely difficult, if not impossible

  Instead of walking simply on a flat surface, MBT uses a multilayered sole to simulate how our ancestors naturally walked. There has simply never been a better way to take your workout with you where ever you need to go. Muscle groups that are strengthened and toned include those found in the feet, legs, buttocks, thigh, stomach and back. Upon each step, a rolling movement is naturally created. MBTs footwear is different from a normal shoe. The way the muscles respond from the MBT footwear increases shock absorption for joints and discs, which greatly lowers the chance of any injuries, and lessens stress put on the body from running.

  The balancing effects of MBT can be initially described as a similar feeling to balancing a ball under the foot. With every step, MBT shoes improve your health and fitness levels!

  The entire body is strengthened simply by standing, walking, or light jogging when using MBT shoes. The natural pull-through of the step continues throughout the whole body, and a natural posture and gait are easily achieved. In fact, it is so different that they refuse to call it a shoe. While the footwear should not be worn during most athletic events and exercises, normal wear of the footwear improves the muscles in ways that can benefit athlete especially. As their many models and designs indicate, you can wear MBT shoes for just about any occasion, from taking care of household chores to running errands to working out at the end of the day to going out for dinner in the evening.

  This muscle training from the Masai Barefoot Technology is ideal to help runners and athletes better themselves and their performance. A simple change from shoe to footwear can greatly benefit the health of your entire body, with positive lasting effects. Some doctors are even prescribing MBTs to enhance health and fitness levels, as well as for specific conditions, such as ankle instability or hip disorders.

  Scientific research has proven that more calories are burned just by standing when wearing MBT footwear than when wearing other shoes.

  The Masai Barefoot Technology works by causing you to balance and center properly while working.

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