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Physician approval should be

 Elderly individuals- Special considerations must be made for the elderly since they experience a number of decreased abilities as they increase in age. Most elderly they need an extended building up period when beginning a new exercise program. Avoid activities that require spinning of the spine or that are high-impact, and bending from the waist down. Anemia, immune compromised conditions, low platelet count, severe nausea, balance issues, fever, and bone pain. However, it is also well known that an acute bout of exercise particularly in sedentary individuals can precipitate a cardiac event in those with preexisting CVD.

  Chronic Lung Disease- is a general term used to describe long-term illnesses of respiratory system, including asthma, chronic bronchitis, and emphysema.

  Osteoporosis- Physician approval should be obtained before prescribing a exercise routine.

  Catch up phase- Thought very little research supports, Low-to moderate-risk cardiac patients who wish to initiate mild to moderate resistance training should first participate in a traditional aerobic exercise program for a minimum of 2-4 weeks.

  . Women are encouraged to start an exercise program, but to start slowly being sure not to over exert themselves.Here are some medical conditions that may complicate general exercise prescriptions.

  Cardiovascular Disease- It is well known that regular exercise has powerful benefits for both preventing and treating CVD. This is particularly true for individuals with asthma. Women who exercise during pregnancy have reduced weight gain, more rapid weight loss after pregnancy, improved mood and improved sleep patterns, but it should only be done with a physician's knowledge

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